Continue Mission Board of Directors

Craig Bryan,PsyD, ABPP

Dr. Craig J. Bryan is a board-certified clinical psychologist who is the Executive Director for the National Center for Veteran's Studies and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Utah. Dr. Bryan received his PsyD in clinical psychology Baylor University, and completed his clinical psychology residency at the Wilford Hall Medical Center, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. 

Dr. Bryan served four years in the Air Force on active duty as the Chief of Primary Care Psychology Services and Suicide Prevention Program Manager at Lackland AFB, and deployed to Iraq in 2009 as the Clinical Director of the Traumatic Brain Injury  Clinic located at Joint Base Balad (LSA Anaconda), Iraq.

Dr. Bryan currently researches suicide, psychological health, and resiliency among military personnel and Veterans, and oversees two randomized controlled trials totaling approximately $3M testing interventions for suicidal military personnel at Fort Carson, Colorado. He also serves as the lead risk management consultant for the $25 million STRONG STAR Research Consortium investigating treatments for combat-related PTSD among military personnel.

Dr. Bryan is a nationally-recognized expert on military suicide, and serves as a consultant to the Department of Defense for psychological health promotion initiatives and suicide prevention. He regularly provides training to clinicians and medical professionals about managing suicidal patients, and has over 120 publications and scientific presentations in the areas of suicide and military mental health, including the book Managing Suicide risk in Primary Care.

Melissa Hansen

Melissa serves on the Board of Directors for Continue Mission and also volunteers her time as Executive Director. She experienced military life through supporting her husband, CM co-founder Josh, through basic training and two tours of duty in Iraq. She took care of the Hansen home-front while Josh served our great country and then ended her career as a Chemical Engineer in order to take on the challenge of care-taker as she helped Josh during his healing process once he returned from service with a traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress.

Melissa is always happy to reach out to support members of Veterans and can empathize with the challenges they have endured and continue to endure. She teaches NAMI Homefront to family and loved ones of Veterans and Service Members and has also completed training in QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer), Connect Post-Vention, and APEX Mental Health.

Melissa and Josh have been married since 1994 and have three beautiful children and a grandson.



Laura Cantin

Laura co-founded Continue Mission, serves on the Board of Directors, and volunteers her time for the organization.

Laura has more than twenty years of experience in 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations as a recognized leader in managing year round sports and recreational programs. She has extensive training in adaptive sports and maintains a PSIA Level 3 Adaptive Certification.

In recent years Laura's special interest and focus has been directing programs for Veterans. She has gained an understanding of the emotional, social, and physical challenges that our Veterans face when returning home after service to our Nation. She is QPR (Question, Persuade, and Refer) trained in suicide prevention.

Laura is passionate about her work and mission to inspire, empower, and support our Veterans as they 'drive on' in life.

Steven Malone

Steven serves on the Board of Directors for Continue Mission as Treasurer. He has developed the organization's accounting system and procedures.

Steven has spent the last two decades building a reputation as a trusted partner in all areas of business management, accounting, human resource, business consuting, and non-profit sectors. He holds an MBA in Business Administration and Bachelor's degree in Finance.

When Steven is not hard at work volunteering his time for CM he stays busy serving as CFO for Atlas Rigging and Transfer while also running his own consulting company, IronClad Consulting and serving onthe board of the non-profit Parker D. Glaus Foundation, Inc. With over 20 years of management and leadership experiences, and superior levels of excellence in financial and operation roles, Steven relishes the opportunity to share his passion for leadership with others.

When not in the office, Steven enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. He treasures the relationships he has with his friends and family.

SGT Josh Hansen (US Army Retired)

Josh serves on the Board of Directors for Continue Mission, co-founded the organization, and volunteers his time to serve the CM family.

Josh is a two-tour Iraq war Veteran. While deployed he served as an IED Hunter. His unit (call sign Pathdinder 1) cleared routes of improvised explosive devices in and around Fallujah, Iraq for the Marines. Josh was Wounded in Action (WIA) March 15, 2007 and medevaced out of Iraq to recover from injuries. Josh's battalion lost six great men in combat (three from his company) and lost four to suicide once home. Josh has experienced the pain of war and is still working to overcome the challenges presented to him as a result of his service to the country. He can relate to the emotional and physical struggles that Veterans are faced with each day.

Josh was a successful business owner before being injured serving the country. His goals today are to help Veterans find the road to recovery so that they can start to enjoy life again.

Josh has been married to his wife, Melissa, since 1994 and they have three beautiful children and a grandson. The consider all Veterans involved with Continue Mission to be a part of their family.